If the washing machine is not warm water, with a heating element that's happenedIf the washing machine is not warm water, with a heating element that something had happened to quality washing in modern washing machines the water is heated, so you can wash out grime. If the washing machine stops warm water, then wash off any serious contamination would be very difficult.

Washing machine does not heat the water: what to do

Sometimes it happens that the washing machine stops heating the water, despite the well-chosen settings. But in order to make sure that really stopped working heating, check the operation of the machine in all modes. Also, periodically check the operation of the machine during the wash, put a hand to the glass hatch is enough. More modern washing machines can display a message on the display error. If everything is checked, and the water in the wash is still cold, in which case the required diagnostics washing machine and repair it if necessary.

Before dismantling a washing machine to determine the damage, should study the theoryBefore dismantling a washing machine to determine the damage, should study the theory

Most often the main causes of the washing machine malfunctions may be the following:

  1. As a result, voltage drop may fail stabilizer, integrated in the control unit which is responsible for heating water. As a result, the water does not warm up to a certain temperature, in this case, the need to replace the control board.
  2. May leave them fail or work improperly temperature sensor, whereby the control unit can not determine whether the given parameters reaches the water temperature. Most often, this failure occurs because of the scale, it is necessary only to change the sensor and stiralka starts to work as it should.
  3. It may be damaged heater due to the voltage drop, as well as due to hard water and as a consequence of the resulting deferred it. TEN also can fail due to poor washing powder.

In any case, the repair should be entrusted to professionals who have the necessary tools and spare parts, and experience in the repair of washing machines of different firms. Some people try to fix the problem yourself, but as a rule, complex electronics in the home inexperienced person to repair is unlikely.

If the washing machine does not heat water

Washing machine during operation can erase only cold water only, the reason for this may be an incorrect connection. Rather than call a specialist, people have been trying to connect the machine. As a result, the water from the tank car illegally discharged into the sewer, and equipment constantly stiralki includes refilling of cold water, causing the water just does not have time to heat up.

If the washing machine is not warm, the problem may be in electronicsIf the washing machine is not warm, the problem may be in electronics

Other reasons for the machine malfunction may be the following:

  1. Elementary carelessness and ignorance of the subtleties of a particular model, such as the brand Bosh or Samsung. For some models, the choice of programs and the wash water heating are included separately. Or the wrong program is selected with inadequate temperature control.
  2. If the machine is suddenly stopped warm water, the reason for this may be the output of the heating-standing device PETN. The most common - a major failure in the washing machine, heating elements often fail due to hard water.
  3. Other reasons may be the failure of the thermostat, it monitors the temperature of the water and gives a command for heating depending on the selected program. Maybe due to the voltage drop fail programmer, or due to violation of the integrity of the board.
  4. Some models may fail water level switch in the tank when sufficient water is dialed, switch instructs to close the inlet valve and start heating water. Then to begin heating the water. If the relay fails, the water will be dialed, but water will not be heated, and the wash will continue in cold water.

Perhaps this is the main reason, when the car stops to heat the water in the wash, repair, in this case should be entrusted to a professional or at home, or in the service centers.

The machine does not heat water: Causes

All washing machines today, for example, or the Bosch Indesit, programmed different washing programs with different temperature regimes. Sometimes the machines are equipped with a small computer, which allows you to set separate washing program and temperature. At discrepancy of the temperature and the wash program, the machine will primarily focus on the washing program, rather than the temperature. Other reasons why the water is not heated, or the washing machine heats water for a long time, the reasons for this may be the following.

If you've never repaired the washing machine, own it is best not to disassembleIf you've never repaired the washing machine, own it is best not to disassemble

PETN was formed on a thick layer of scum resulting deposits, it begins to heat the water or poorly ceases its warming despite exhibited program correctly.

In this case, the separated powder can be put citric acid in an amount of 2 tablespoons start washing with the maximum temperature. For various reasons, can break down the "brain" of the washing machine - the programmer, which can result in disturbed not only hot water when washing, but also the work of a washing machine. In this case a machine repair service center. Sometimes it happens that the hot water stops working after a repair, the reason for this may be that the heating element has been connected incorrectly. Or maybe broken wires in the vibration of the machine.

In any case it is best to trust the diagnosis and subsequent repair professionals if necessary. Especially when it comes to electronics repair or replacement ECU firmware.

Not warm tan in a washing machine

Due to the heating element integrated in the washing machine, called Tan occurs heating water to the required temperature. The service life of the heating element, depending on the operating conditions ranging from 3 to 10 years. Causes of the element output from the system may be: hard water, scale deposits, breakage of the wires leading thereto or incorrect connection of the element.

To Tan remained in good condition, the wash should pour a special tool to protectTo Tan remained in good condition, the wash should pour a special tool to protect

Also because of a failure of the reasons may be as follows:

  1. In addition to PETN scum may accumulate dirt, fragments of thread, even disappeared any piece of clothing, such as a button, may serve as a failure of the heating element.
  2. If a man versed in the assembly and disassembly of the equipment, it can independently remove the back cover, remove the heating element, and go with him to the store to buy a new one. After left to put a new item, be sure to check for leaks, wiring and then back to collect the car and run to check the washing mode with any temperature regime.
  3. If the heating element is OK, but the car still washes in cold water, you should check the other elements of the machine and blocks. Moreover, it is best to give the washing machine to the service center specialists.

Also, the reason is not heating the water may be another - it's the output relays PETN, which is responsible for its activation and deactivation. In this case also, the repair is best left to professionals who have all the necessary tools to diagnose and repair washing machines.

Why is the washing machine does not heat the water (video)

In any failure of the washing machine must call an expert who can directly on the site to diagnose stiralki, and give advice on what to do in any given situation. And, if necessary, take her to the service center for more detailed diagnostics and quality repairs.