If not spinning drum of a washing machine, the first thing is to check the voltage in the socketIf not spinning drum of a washing machine, the first thing is to check the voltage at the wall outlet Many housewives are washing machines. For each, this thing is indispensable in the household. Damage to any part may damage the machine, so to complicate the life and work of the hostess. From that broken washing machines, and how to avoid breakdowns, later in this article

Do not rotate the drum of the washing machine: possible causes

The situation when stopped spinning drum of a washing machine leads into a stupor than one woman per year. Laundry running, wet things and further the drum movement is impossible. Why did not he cool? What determines the breakdown and how much it will cost?

The first rule for critical situations: do not panic!

The drum of the washing machine is not spinning due to the fact that the motor burnedThe drum of the washing machine is not spinning due to the fact that the motor burned

First we need to remove the cord from the outlet of the washing machine. Then drain the water from the machine by means of the drain, which is present in any business model. After you need to get all the linen and to determine at what time the washing machine has stopped.

If the brake load in extraction mode, the laundry will be no soap, but raw. Then you need to solve the problem of spin. If the drum has stopped rotating in the wash, ie. E. Soap and wet things, then you must try rotating the hand of his. When this is not possible, the diagnosis drum jamming. If the drum is rotated by hand, then should establish the reasons for the lack of rotation in the wash.

First we need to check the weight of the laundry. Perhaps it was not taken into account at the beginning of the wash. Tightly packed machine with excess weight stops the laundry as soon as underwear wet. If after the unloading and loading laundry washing continued, then there is no breakage. Excess load sensor mode and stopped by weight of the laundry. You can continue to erase and do not worry. If a miracle does not happen, then still broke down specific node, which produces an error in the system.

What damage can cause to stop and wash drum stiralki:

  1. Faulty belt. Maybe it was stretched or completely worn out. Thanks to the belt drum of the washing machine rotates. Breakage can be of frequent use or rare works.
  2. The brushes of the electric motor. It is because of the motor brushes creates an electric field that promotes rotation of the rotor. Possible failure of this part is due to the grinding brush. These brushes are called coal, and take some of the stress, prolonging the life of the machine. Set fault will color brushes. If they are covered by a carbon coating, they look burnt and burnt.
  3. The electronic module. So-called "brain" washing machine. Probably, the module does not drum team. Possible failure is due to the jump in voltage. Define the problem yourself is almost impossible. A handle quite impossible without knowledge of programming electronics. Experts zeroed system and software to reflash the device. If this does not help, it needs to be replaced.
  4. The electric motor itself. Leakage or voltage variations lead to combustion of the important parts of the washing machine. The drum is rotated by hand, but if you start washing immediately knocks out traffic jams - interturn short circuit.

When any of these failures need a master. He will be able to diagnose the cause, repair it or replace the appropriate part. on the master service prices when there is data breakdowns range from 800 to 1500 rubles.

I stopped spinning drum of a washing machine: it can prevent the rotation

Washing machine drum, bad turns, but machine washable at startup. This does not stop a lot of technology users. They blamed it on a long use of the washing machine. But a further step in the machine will malfunction.

To examine in more detail a breakdown of the washing machine, you need to remove the back coverTo examine in more detail a breakdown of the washing machine, you need to remove the back cover

What prevents spinning drum:

  1. Worn parts such as bearings, brushes. They impede the movement of the drum or it does not affect.
  2. There is the possibility of extraneous things between the drum and the tub. These things can slow down the movement, making it difficult to drum accelerates to the desired speed. It is necessary to remove the object.
  3. Belt. It may be OK, but twisted. It also affects the movement of the drum.

All the reasons listed above may be a warning before the crash, so you need to quickly solve the problem, check your equipment or repair broken parts.

The reasons why the washing machine is not spinning the reels

If a drum is jammed and can not scroll even when the machine is turned off, it is necessary to remember what to do with it is mandatory for the unit is prohibited. Probably, it is necessary to check the space between the tub and the drum. It extraneous things can create difficulty in the movement of the drum.

Be sure to check the heating element - if faulty, debris block the work of the machine.

When you try to move the drum sounds metallic rattle, then jammed bearings. They, like the heating element, fly as you work and prevent the wash. What do I need to do to avoid failure?

Washing machine can not spin the drum due to overloadWashing machine can not spin the drum due to overload


  1. Do not throw the laundry in the laundry without checking the pockets. Carefully remove any foreign objects.
  2. Observe the weight capabilities of the machine. It is better to wash in small batches. Soaked underwear even stronger effect on the promotion of the drum.
  3. It should be washed in special pouches.

To avoid getting the little things in the space between the drum and the tub, you need to carefully sort of thing. Modern detergents help the machine run for a long time and quality, but you should not overdo them. You must comply with the dosage.

Stiralka not spinning the reels: Bearing failure

The most important part for the washing machine is the bearing. If the washing machine "rings"That she was not the case, then a bearing that something is wrong. Under "ringing" It meant knocking, humming or even creaking. All these sounds are characterized by the destruction of the bearing.

Because of which destroyed the bearing:

  1. A long operation of the machine. Many elements are already unusable. Requires diagnosis and replacement of old items.
  2. Many cleaners on the scale give a strong chemical compound that destroys metal parts. It is necessary to take into account the hardness of the water in the house, and to study the composition of the cleaning agent carefully, its dosage.
  3. Rubber oil seal needs to be lubricated, or simply worn out. This causes the water passing into the tank. Water adversely affects the parts.

If you do not have experience in the repair of washing machines, it is not recommended to try to eliminate the damage yourselfIf you do not have experience in the repair of washing machines, it is not recommended to try to eliminate the damage yourself

Any defective part in the washing machine is easy to replace. Only whether to do so if in the future continue to breakage. All faults must be eliminated specialist capable of doing it. Climb on their own "brains" machine or its parts, try to find broken and fix it without the help of the wizard - money down the drain. Damage to a single part can be caused by the breakdown of the other, which is not immediately detected.

The consequences can be dire - from spoiled clothes soaked up the neighbors.

The reasons why are not spinning drum of a washing machine (video)

Many factors affect the machine during the wash - water weight of the laundry, the state of parts, the chemical composition of funds. Given these factors and balancing between them, you can help with the laundry product to serve for long service.