In the absence of a good water supply pipe is better to use a washing machine with a water tankIn the absence of a good water supply from the pipeline is better to use a washing machine with a tank for vodyPrakticheski couple of decades ago, people could not think that if the house is no central water supply, then it may appear washing machine. It is worth noting that now there is such a possibility, and a choice of devices just rolls on the number of models produced. In other words, there is an opportunity to become the owner of stiralki, which is equipped with a water tank, and it replaces the water system. The peculiarity of the equipment is that they have the same functions as a conventional washing machine and, if properly use the product, it will last for a long time.

Advantages of the washing machine with water tank

Washing machine with water tank is powered by the mains. The drum need to load the laundry, and add the powder. After that the water filling the tank, and the device is automatically draw it for washing and rinsing. The principle of operation is the same as that of a normal stiralki, and therefore do not have to deal with linen neprostiryvaniem or the more difficulties when cleaning things.

Washing machine with water tank is perfect for homes where there is no running waterWashing machine with water tank is perfect for homes where there is no running water

Without running water machine working properly and fulfills the tasks and most importantly, it has many advantages:

  1. These models are ideal for private homes, where there is no central water supply.
  2. The product can be considered a cost-effective, as the energy-saving, they belong to the category of A ++.
  3. Stiralka to give cistern has many features and operating modes, which enables to put it on a level with the conventional type automatic devices.
  4. Lineup of such structures is very great.
  5. Product cost optimal, making available technology.

Washing machine can automatically adjust the amount of water consumption, which depends on the set mode, the volume of clothes, and even the degree of contamination. In the apparatus, there are downsides, but experts call them minor. For installation, you need to prepare a special place and a lot of squaring.

Be sure to monitor the water level inside the tank to washing was not carried out on the dry, and the device is not deteriorated.

Connect this device to the water supply is impossible, as there is no special mechanism. Wash each time will begin to fill the tank with water, which requires additional time.

Categories washing machines with tank

Washing machine Cottage with water tank - it is a great option for rural areas, which has no running water. Quite often you can meet the people who prefer to spend time outside the city, but what if the dirty things? Take home? Naturally, this is possible provided that there is a car, but much easier to extend linens, stuff jackets and even pillows.

In order to extend underwear large families, need a big stiralka and Fairies of Little or may simply not be enough.

Automatic washing machine with a storage tank for the village will be the best choice and pleasure of use. Feature of the device lies in the fact that together with the tank equipment is sold directly, and therefore do not need to spend time searching for a suitable tank. It can be placed behind and sideways techniques, and there are models in which the tank is mounted at the top, thus reducing squaring placement. The tank is made of stainless steel, which excludes its damage or rust during operation. Set of water can be carried out manually, but you can buy the product provided with the injection pump, which excludes self-filling tank.

 Familiarize themselves with the categories of washing machines can be easily self-tank onlineFamiliarize themselves with the categories of washing machines can be easily self-tank online

To connect the equipment, only need network and place to drain the water. Reviews such installations are very positive, as they are high quality, stylish, and are sold at optimal cost.

Stiralki of this type are divided into categories:

  • Devices in which there are the filling valve;
  • The apparatus without the filler valve;
  • Universal options.

The second type of product works like a normal tap. If there is an opportunity to connect to the water supply system at the expense of the water inlet valve will be launched automatically.

Selection Criteria washing-machine cars to the countryside

Stiralka which has an additional element such as a storage tank, a drum for the laundry amount is exactly the same as the conventional plant. To use such equipment must be clearly on the instructions to avoid damage.

When choosing a washing machine for rural areas should take into account its capacity, quality and volume of the tankWhen choosing a washing machine for rural areas should take into account its capacity, quality and volume of the tank

Today, many companies are engaged in the manufacture of such devices, such as:

  • Burning (Gorenje);
  • Samsung;
  • Indesit and more.

That the technique could fully satisfy the preferences need to correctly select it, which should take the recommendations of experts. It is very important to choose the parameters of the product, starting from the size of the room in which it is installed. The design can be narrow, full-length and very wide.

It is necessary to take into account the volume of the tank, which may be a capacity of 50-100 liters. On average, an amount of water sufficient to 3 washes, but it is desirable to monitor the flow rate.

The product must be economical in power consumption, and the best indicator - is the presence of the relation to Category A data, which indicates the low power required for operation. The presence of the filler valve is considered the best option, since it can independently regulate the amount of incoming water, which eliminates the need for the presence in the wash.

Very important equipment capacity and ideally it can be 7 kg. On average, the rate of extraction of such products is 1000 rev / min, which is enough for washing, for pressing, and most importantly, fit the mains voltage, which is not very stable in the countryside. It is equally important to choose the model of the equipment, which has a number of programs that will allow the laundry more efficiently and quickly.

Connecting the machine-gun to the countryside without running water

As already noted, to connect a washing machine without water supply is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You first need to carefully examine the instructions, where there is complete information about installing and connecting the special hose for drainage.

Connect the machine-Machine can be yourself if you first examine the enclosed instructionsConnect the machine-Machine can be yourself if you first examine the enclosed instructions


  1. First hose is attached to the tank from the outside.
  2. Then the compound is carried out with a pipe for the withdrawal of water.
  3. If the room does not provide sewer, then connect an ordinary garden hose is sufficient.
  4. The back of the washing machine has a special recess in which established the transport screws. They are replaced with tabs that must be included with the equipment.
  5. To the free end of the connecting pipe attached to the tank, connects the feed pipe, which is fixed in place by clamps.
  6. After the tank is carried for fastening to the body of water stiralki.

If the filling valve device is provided, it is mounted on the tank vertically. You need to connect the hose, through which water will be supplied. Thereafter, the tube is mounted, which is needed to drain the water.

Choosing a washing machine with a water tank (video)

It is very important that the equipment has been installed on a flat surface or special adaptations for alignment were used. This will prevent the formation of noise, damage and rapid wear and tear. Competent installation will provide a long service life, and allows you to use the equipment for your pleasure and in accordance with its intended use.