To produce three-dimensional crafts can be easily made of paperTo produce three-dimensional crafts can be easily made of paper such volume figures can be made any shape, they can be colored, they can be decorated with beads or lace and make a beautiful inscription. In such an unusual box can store jewelry or any female stuff.

Standard three-dimensional figures made of paper and cardboard: studying geometry

Many fathers and mothers, is the question, how is the most affordable way to give your child a particular issue. When the child grows up, it's time to explain his complex geometric shapes - cube, sphere, etc. Much easier to show these figures to the child. To give the child three-dimensional model of geometric shapes, they need to be out of something to do.

The most convenient and easy to design a hack of paper in origami style.

With the help of beautiful handicrafts volume of paper the child will be interesting to study the geometric shapesWith the help of beautiful handicrafts volume of paper the child will be interesting to study the geometric shapes

There are many different figures that people have learned to make paper and do not necessarily geometric. It may be three-dimensional hearts, which you can use as decorations for Valentine's Day or an asterisk that complement the decor in the nursery.

Three-dimensional figures made of paper: the scheme of geometric shapes

Creating a volume of geometric figures - not only exciting, but also useful. The child learns to think spatially, which is very necessary.

The easiest way to do three-dimensional geometric shape - print templates and cut along the dotted lines, then glue the instructions.

But you can also make these figures independently. You will need: Cardboard, colored or white paper, pencils, rulers, scissors and glue.

Find scheme of geometric shapes made of paper can be on the InternetFind scheme of geometric shapes made of paper can be on the Internet

How to make a cube out of paper:

  1. On the sheet to draw in a row 4 in a row of identical square with sides 4 cm.
  2. From the second square up and down draw on identical squares. It is supposed to be a pattern of 6 squares in the form of the cross.
  3. On bulging squares draw valves in the form of trapezoids (width not greater than 0.7 cm).
  4. Cut the pattern - the pattern for future work with cardboard or other stiff paper.
  5. Bend figure drafted on the lines, small valves, trapezoid smear glue and connect all the parties together.

If desired, each side of the cube you can paste over the colored paper. And if one side of the valve is not fixed with glue, you get a small box that can be used as packaging for a gift.

Entertaining bulky animals out of paper: Toys for Toddlers

Children love to cut, paste, draw - such employment broadens the mind of the child, develop care and diligence. Using ready-made schemes on the internet or in magazines for creative work, students can create different figures of animals.

Using paper, you can make bulk amusing animals for kidsUsing paper, you can make bulk amusing animals for kids

Glue volume figures is quite simple:

  1. After selecting the desired animal, you need to print a chart.
  2. From template to cut out the details, making a small margin for bonding.
  3. Make creases along the line, and glue the figurine.

You can make easy crafts themselves. Bear, fox, dog, cat, bee - all these little animals will be made on an identical technology.

 Whatever the crafts you do, you need to give it to dry completely. If we take the uncured adhesive by hand, you can leave dirty prints on paper.

To create a simple crafts will need white and green paper, scissors, glue.

Little bunny toy with their hands:

  • Two strips of a width of 3 cm and a length of 10 and 7 cm;
  • Two semi-circle-shaped ears;
  • Two glazik (blank);
  • Green leaf freeform paper "grass".

Strips fold and glue the ends together. two wide rings should turn. On a piece of green grass stick larger ring - body bunny on him sticking his head. On the back of the head evenly attach ears. Draw or paste ready eyes, make her mouth - Bunny ready.

Volumetric picture with their hands out of toilet paper: a master class

Any creative work is inseparably linked with extraordinary thinking. Crafts improvised and help the child and the adult to look at these things from a different angle.

Volumetric image of toilet paper is not very well known in conventional circles. But where there is a place of creative thinking, there is always something new and interesting.

For the manufacture of volumetric figures is further possible to use toilet paperFor the manufacture of volumetric figures is further possible to use toilet paper

To create a pattern, you will need:

  • Toilet paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • Cardboard;
  • Gouache;
  • Brush 2-3 pcs. different sizes;
  • Acrylic lacquer;
  • Capacitance adhesive;
  • Pencil.

The method of working with the paper depends on its appearance. Before you stick the paper on the cardboard, it is necessary to soak it well.

How to make a three-dimensional picture of toilet paper:

  1. Cardboard better to cover one or more layers of soaked paper. For this to apply a thin and uniform layer of adhesive on cardboard PVA and then attach the paper tape. After drying, we have a ready basis for paintings.
  2. Let's draw a tree.
  3. Dial in a bowl glue, a little diluted with water.
  4. To create a tree trunk, the most convenient way is to twist into a spiral soaked paper. Put it on the pattern of a tree trunk and its branches.
  5. To create a leaf of the tree is suitable method for applying a plurality of small pieces of paper. Small pieces to twist in paper lumps, soak in the adhesive and lay the template. This will give the tree volume and, of course, will make the picture more clear due to the difference in textures.

The finished picture can be inserted into an ordinary wooden frame without glass.

To paint a picture to be already dried paper.

For coloring is better to use gouache. Usual watercolor paint does not lay down a dense layer on the paper and will show through. To paint using high quality brush that will not disintegrate.

The original volume of paper birds with their hands: schemes origami

With a little practice, you can create complex and interesting three-dimensional figures made of paper with your hands. You should begin with the most simple shapes that can be printed, cut and glue.

Quick and easy to make the original volume of birds of paper, you can use the art of origamiQuick and easy to make the original volume of birds of paper, you can use the art of origami

Origami technique is not as easy as folding fit the mold, but it is very interesting. It happens without cutting.

This work involves the use of origami to a square sheet of paper that must be pre-cut.

Bulk owl own hands: we work with paper

  1. 40x40 cm sheet of paper folded along a diagonal, bend and unbend on the second diagonal.
  2. We turn over the sheet and bends upward bend halves "on."
  3. Unbend and again folded in half left to right. Fold sheet to these bends into a square and put in front of the diamond.
  4. The lower edges of bends toward the center, forming two triangles. The upper triangle bends back and unbend.
  5. Straightening the lateral triangles and disclose bottom corner. Overturn crafts and also disclose the bottom corner.
  6. The upper half of the upper layer half bends "on."
  7. Likewise bends the upper half of the second layer ago.
  8. Fold the side edges of the upper layer, forming 2 triangles. The bottom layer in the same manner folded back.
  9. The right half of the upper half left turn off layer. Overturn, repeat the action.
  10. At the same time, expand the left half and the right lower part of the pull-up - it turns the wing.
  11. Fold the left side of the right - wing and the rear half take out beforehand. The second wing was made identical to the first.
  12. Bends upper corner downwards forming head. Overturn the product.
  13. Cut corners on each side, lift up the resulting triangles. Overturn.
  14. In the lower corner makes an incision from the upper layer bends sideways triangles - the owl's feet. Your bird is ready!

Sovushka turn white, it is possible to decorate. To draw taking watercolors, gouache or a regular pen.

The bulk of the paper application: templates and images from the lumps of paper

With small children it is also interesting to create. For babies a very popular form of needlework, as the creation of pictures from lumps of colored paper. This work is pretty easy, but it is tedious because it is necessary to work with small pieces of paper.

Catching cutting out bulk applications from paper, the child will be interesting and fun to spend your free timeCatching cutting out bulk applications from paper, the child will be interesting and fun to spend your free time

Working with paper balls develop motility of fingers, on which depends the development of the baby's speech and his further mental development.

For the work we need - colored cardboard, colored paper thin (ideally napkins), glue, pencil.

At work it is important not to forget about the alternation of colors, because the picture should be bright and colorful.

Before embarking on the creation of the painting, it is necessary to draw on the cardboard sheet simple toy figurines. This can be dolls, cars, or a butterfly house.

To make a picture of lumps, it is necessary to cut a napkin on a lot of small squares. Each piece crush hands, dip in glue and apply to the picture, forming a three-dimensional picture.

Simple volume of paper crafts for kids: the surprise baby

Cold winter evenings will pass the creative work with your children. Every kid wants to have a toy furniture that can be built from the usual paper and cardboard.

When you first decided to produce three-dimensional crafts, then it is better to start with simple shapesWhen you first decided to produce three-dimensional crafts, then it is better to start with simple shapes

Armed with a good mood, it is necessary to connect the imagination. Take a couple of sheets of cardboard, scissors, glue, a plastic bottle, paint and lacy ribbon - with these uncomplicated things you can create a beautiful table for the doll.

Table doll with his own hands:

  1. Prepare materials. Crop of the bottle from the neck of 12-15 centimeters. From cardboard cut out two ovals - the future shape of the table.
  2. On the bottle neck of the stick 1 oval. Bottle painted in any color, wait until dry.
  3. On the rim of the oval openwork glue stick and top 2nd oval.

Ready table can be decorated with beads and flowers and use as a decoration.

In addition to the table, you can do a whole set of furniture - chairs, bed, chair. If you can not manually draw the details on the internet you can find ready-made schemes. According to him very easy to cut out various crafts volume.

Master class: the volume of paper crafts (video)

Looking at these artifacts, it is difficult to believe that everything can be done by hand from plain paper material. Kids can make easy application, and older children interested in three-dimensional crafts, which will be a good gift for any occasion. Important in this creative work - accuracy and perseverance, only if all crafts will turn out beautiful and interesting.

Details: three-dimensional articles made of paper (photo examples)