Foamiran - versatile material to work with that nice and easyFoamiran - versatile material with which to work nicely and legkoRukodelie with foamiranom is the most beautiful process to create original products, it allows you to learn a lot. To work with the web can be involved, both adults and children, which significantly expands the range of possibilities.

Features brilliant foamirana and its possibilities

Foamiranu preferred by many needlewoman, and, no matter what color. Shiny, yellow, marble, burgundy blue, white or covered with sequins or terry used GLITTER nail, all perfect for creative work with your hands.

Foamiran used to manufacture accessories for the interior and wardrobe, as well as:

  • toys;
  • To home to make artificial flowers;
  • To decorate the bags and shoes;
  • For decorative curtains and other similar products.

Shiny foamirana can make toys, decoration for bags, and even a butterfly for a shirtShiny foamirana can make toys, decoration for bags, and even a butterfly for a shirt

foamiran material - is, in other words, the normal tissue (suede) with which Crafts becomes even more enjoyable.

The web runs fine, not torn, and to give a certain shape, enough to use iron and their own hands.

Plastic suede is completely environmentally friendly material is not capable of causing an allergic reaction.

How to work with a yellow and other colors foamiranom

Description Suede simple enough, and it is suitable for beginners creativity.

To be precise, the need material:

  • Lasting;
  • Dense;
  • durable;
  • Wear-resistant.

Foamiran - strong and durable material, and operate even for a beginner like himFoamiran - strong and durable material, and operate even for a beginner like him

It is perfectly suited for articles in scrapbooking technique. To create interesting and original textures, using tools such as Molde - devices that are particularly important for porcelain flower arranging. In addition, it sold more than simple "helpers" in the creation of invoices on foamirane, and is corrugated paper, the cost of which is not great, but find it too difficult. To make a bunch of flowers or a tree of happiness need to use glue gun and hot glue.

It is advisable to use a special glue just for this canvas.

foamirana production provides the opportunity to purchase cloth of various colors, as well as a large assortment of form and size.

We use foamiran: MK for all

Likewise, as is known to the whole world the name Weiner, a great demand for such devices, such as cutters, whereby the cutting is carried out of parts for future products. It is especially difficult to make an artificial analog of such plants as fluffy rose, as well as create original stamens. Simple as the blank are created manually, which can then be obtyanut ball of foam or foil, just as it is written in the master class presented below.

Initially, you need to prepare:

  • FLORAL wire;
  • Cardboard;
  • Iron;
  • Glue gun;
  • Pencil;
  • Scissors;
  • Material suitable colors;
  • Thick needle;
  • foil;
  • Satin tape;
  • Acrylic paints;
  • markers;
  • Toothpick.

It is important to remember that the cold method of forming does not fit certain pieces of foamirana as heating elements required for the creation of a realistic future form.

To create a masterpiece of foamirana, you must also prepare other materials and toolsTo create a masterpiece of foamirana, you must also prepare other materials and tools

Master Class:

  1. First, parts are patterns whose sizes are taken from the circuit previously made. Dimensions are set independently.
  2. The petals are cut with scissors.
  3. Small petals of one flower only 10 and 8 large.
  4. The foil is formed and the ball is put on a toothpick or wire floristic if planned volume creation bouquet.
  5. Further, iron, heated in the "Wool" mode, iron petals, and then twisted into a tube by hand. Then they are smoothed out with your fingers, but be very careful not to spoil the landscape and not to tear sheet.
  6. Billets begin one with the smallest mounted on the balloon using the glue gun, with the proviso that the lower part thereof is screwed onto the wire or toothpick.
  7. In this simple way you can make a beautiful bouquet of roses with their hands, and at the same time without any special preparation. Most importantly, the buds were open, wavy edges and a maximum realistic petals.
  8. Be sure not to forget about roses leaves, which uses a leaf juicy green, and they are made with the same technology.
  9. With acrylic paint and small brush strokes may be applied to fine pitch, so that they were alive as possible in appearance.
  10. Wire turns green satin ribbon to the stem decoration you can use beads.

In this case, viewed from a bouquet of manufacturing foamiranovyh tea roses.

Academy does not require that a boy, a girl or a grown man learned to use such material.

It is enough to meet the recommendations.

How and what tint foamiran: technique and secrets

It is worth noting that foamiran can be tinted, and it can be used very different color palette.

Among basic dyes emit:

  • Pastel;
  • Artistic and oil paint;
  • Acrylic and oil paint;
  • Temper;
  • Wax;
  • Colored sand;
  • powder;
  • Distressingovye ink;
  • Cosmetical tools.

Machinery and secrets staining each needlewoman own. In addition, any art school can offer the manufacture of the natural wonder of foamirana their own hands, because each dye can give a definite original effect that is required for various kinds of art and products. For example, in the technique decoupage carried tinting material. To create a book or pattern can be carried out spraying glitter, but if you need gift packing, it is possible to dispense with acrylic.

Very often the masters use fabric marker pen, which, after drying and washing will not fade and does not fade.

Colourise foamiran can pastel, ink or other cosmetic agentsColourise foamiran can pastel, ink or other cosmetic agents

Toning images from foamirana or product, of course, require dirty fingers, however, after will be a wonderful product. With the tinted hands may be rinsed with water, but, because the material has a porous structure, the dye penetrates deeply into its fibers. What toning choose the best, for example, to begin a master class in kindergarten or at home?

It is worth paying attention to the more popular types of dyes that can be taken, and to implement the use of free labor:

  1. The process of creating toning with dry pastel rather simple. To do this, you need to prepare a cloth moistened with water and rub it on the chalk with the required color. If you want to maximize radiant color, then you need to rub slowly and with pressing. It is often used to decorate the lace on clothes or, for example, the curtains in the interior.
  2. No less popular are oil pastels. staining method is exactly the same as the previous dye, oil pastels but much more difficult to put on a damp cloth, and have a lot to try to achieve the desired result. Looks foamiran with staining is very attractive. You can own hands to create a magical accessory, such as a golden flower or original picture frames.
  3. You want to create the most incredible miracle with his own hands? Then use acrylic paints. Especially good if you have the skills to work with such a dye.

It is not necessary to attend special courses to learn how to work with colors. It is enough that the sight will be step by step instructions and tools (for example, to have available a sponge, brush or cotton wool) to toned material.

Different types foamirana diy

As a rule, foamiran sold Chinese and Iranian. Each of them is easy to use, excellent quality, as well as have the opportunity to choose different colors. The history of this material states that he first appeared in Iran, and this country is its progenitor.

The material is of different types and sometimes just easier to buy a set, which will have different shapes and sizes of canvas, from which you can collect a variety of figures and products.

Properties and how is carried fastening material, all kinds of quite the same.

Foamiran is of several types and different manufacturersFoamiran is of several types and different manufacturers

The choice is only for the quality and type:

  1. Porous foamiran Iranian made specifically for cutting petals of flowers, the use of his show many lessons and master classes. The thickness of the webs amounts to 1 mm. The roll is permissible thickness change that is noticeable only with careful study, in general, the difference is not great, and it has no effect on the quality of the finished product.
  2. Turkish foamiran has a standard size, thickness and sold in rolls.
  3. Korean foamiran can be any color, like gray and black, red and the like. The color palette is very extensive. Fabric is very elastic and dense. Hands can make it thinner, if you want the most sophisticated work, but to thin the thick material, it must necessarily heat.
  4. Chinese foamiran hard to the touch and has a characteristic smell of plastic. The thickness can be from 1.2 mm or more. That is why, when purchasing, pay attention to this point.

Reviews have any kind foamirana very positive. Of it it is very convenient to make stencils himself without much difficulty. To replace such a fabric does not possible, since it has unique features and a specific porous structure.

The required dimensions for foamirana

Regularly in the world of product sales for needlework are new types foamirana from virtually every manufacturer.

foamirana sheets of different thickness: there is a more subtle and more dense materialfoamirana sheets of different thickness: there is a more subtle and more dense material

It is worth noting that the species mainly differ in thickness, as thin and thick material is used for a different purpose:

  1. Fabrics whose thickness varies from 1-2 mm, are used for the manufacture of dolls and scrapbooking applications.
  2. Sheets of a thickness of 1 mm is used to form colors.

If the sheet thickness of more than 2mm, then the web is perfect for manufacturing bootees, slippers and similar articles.

MK foamiranu on (video)

In conclusion, it is worth noting that you can find foamiran at different stores for the sale of tools for creativity. In general, the processing of the material is very simple, but to cut it on the templates, you can use the most common of the fabric scissors.

Details: foamiran (photo examples)