When choosing the doors and the floor should be considered the basic rules of color combinationsWhen choosing the doors and the floor should be considered the basic rules of combination tsvetovPri the repair is important to choose the right combination of colors in the interior, so that they looked harmoniously, not dull or tasteless. Wrong colors selected input or interior doors, as well as the floor or furniture, can spoil all the impression of the hard work of a professional or a home designer. There are special rules that we must follow when you want to choose the color of the doors and the floor in the interior. When complying with them, nicely trimmed premises will not only comfortable accommodation, but will delight the guests.

How to choose the interior doors: advice on color and design

The main law of design space: do not mix in the same room for more than three primary colors. However, they must be either warm or cold tones. Universal color is considered to be white. It was he who combined with any other colors and shades. Therefore, if you can not decide what color will the door, it is always fit white color.

Interior doors can be as simple painted, so made under the wood.

color of the floor and interior doors must be chosen wisely, so that they complement the stylish interior of the premisescolor of the floor and interior doors must be chosen wisely, so that they complement the stylish interior of the premises

Three basic color combination of doors, skirting boards and the floor:

  1. Dark door, dark floors, bright floor. Dark colors look very stylish and elegant, but should be diluted with lighter colors to the room did not seem dull. Now especially popular wenge. This is not a color, but a whole palette of saturated shades: dark chocolate; maroon, dark purple.
  2. Bright door light plinths, dark flooring. Bright elements will look particularly solemn against the dark frame. A room will seem more spacious and light. For example, alder different beautiful golden-pinkish color, from which the light is reflected well.
  3. Dark door, plinth light and bright floor. Dark door looks very solid, so at all times they were considered a symbol of wealth and luxury. Represented by the combination will look great in a spacious hallway and living room.

brightly colored doors (light green, pink, blue) decorate the interior of a children's room or in the style of Hi-Tech.

Ideas and Tips: How to choose the color of interior doors

Designers are advised to register the door to the room all in the same style. Therefore, we should try to choose a versatile color that came to the decor of all the rooms in the house or apartment. The color range of products offered by shops, full of variety, among which it is very difficult to choose the right color.

The most popular colors of interior doors are beige and brownThe most popular colors of interior doors are beige and brown

The most popular color of doors:

  1. White. White door perfectly with black, brown, beige, white floors. Basically, as with any other. The only thing to consider is warm or cool shade of white that begging in view of the color floors or furniture. The main advantage of the white doors is that they can be painted in any color.
  2. Beige. This pleasant neutral color goes with almost any light shades: honey, light brown, golden walnut and others. For it will not do a reddish tone.
  3. Gray. There are many shades of gray: off-white, milky, smoky. But the good gray combined with only cold tones. Ideally, if the floor and the door will be the same shade of gray. it will also look good with "bleached oak" colored furniture.
  4. Brown. Brown also boasts a wide variety of shades: dark brown, light brown, chocolate, tan, golden brown. Selection of colors should be the color of the furniture.

 One of the most stylish, modern color combinations considered wenge furniture and off-white floors and furniture.

The ideal combination of laminate and doors indoors

Laminate flooring - one of the most popular floor coverings. It is characterized by ease of installation, pleasant to the touch texture, abrasion resistance and many other benefits. Its color can be very different, because in the laminate surface can reproduce any image.

Beautiful interior of the room will look dark laminate that mimics woodBeautiful interior of the room will look dark laminate that mimics wood

There are two types of laminate:

  • Imitation of natural wood;
  • Imitation stone.

If the laminate is made by wood, the door and picked up with the same wood pattern. Tone does not have to match exactly, you can choose tear up slightly lighter or darker than the floor. If you take the door too dark shade, it will not be in harmony with the overall style, standing out too much from the rest of the interior.

Laminate with imitation stone will go well with solid doors with a shade them. For example, the white marble in perfect harmony with the color of bleached oak.

The glossy finish laminate gives solemnity room and frosted - comfort.

How to choose the color of the baseboard: under the floor or under the door

When choosing moldings for an apartment or house should be guided by certain rules.

Many designers are advised to choose the color of the door moldingsMany designers are advised to choose the color of the door moldings

Skirting can match the color:

  • With doors;
  • With walls;
  • With the floor covering.

 You can select the plinth of the same color as the floor or wall. But if the light in the room door, and the floor is dark, then the plinth must repeat the tone of the door.

The most fashionable design solution is considered to be a combination of skirting with the color of the window frames, but only if they are not white.

White plinth perfectly razgranichat space in the room. In addition, they go perfectly with both the dark and the light from the floor, as well as with white frames.

The choice of colors and floor doors in the interior (video)

By choosing a color door, interior floor and skirting boards should be treated no less carefully than to the choice of finishes for the walls. It does not always chasing the latest design innovations. Sometimes you need to stop or to the classic version, or choose the coloring, which liked the most. In any case, you need to try to imagine how a particular color will appear directly in the room, whether fit for him wallpaper and furnishings. If most can not handle, it is best to enlist the help of a professional designer.

Design and color of the floor doors (photo in the interior)