Self-installation and configuration of the antenna will not cause too much trouble, in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendationsSelf-installation and configuration of the antenna will not cause too much trouble, in compliance with the recommendations recently proizvoditelyaOtnositelno we could see only a few channels, which caught our antenna signal. At a time when television has become so progressive that access to channels transmitted via satellite, which beams catch a satellite dish, we can see the infinite number of gears. One of the most famous companies providing satellite TV is Tricolor TV. However, to take advantage of this achievement in science, it is necessary not only to buy but also to connect properly. How to do it yourself - read on.

A little bit about satellite TV Tricolor information

To understand how to connect a satellite TV, you need to understand what this technology is and how it works. Only in this case, you can understand the meaning of all the actions we have described, and to execute them as accurately as possible.

Installation kits are satellite dishes, have a complete set of all the necessary components for self-assemblyInstallation kits are satellite dishes, have a complete set of all the necessary components for self-assembly

If you simplify the description of such a system, the broadcasting center encodes the information and sends it to the satellite, which in turn reflects the data on the satellite dish. Thus, your TV channels are available, the quality of which is at the highest level.

The main component, which has such a device, a satellite dish. Usually it is made of metal and has the shape of a concave lens.

Due to the shape of the antenna, all signals captured by it are recorded in a single point, wherein the converter is installed. Next, the signal is redirected to the satellite receiver, which is called the receiver. This device decodes the received information in an understandable form and sends it to your TV outputs.

You can purchase the entire kit that can be installed on one TV instead of the old receiver. To purchase the missing details. Also, such a device is connected to two televisions and the plate for one monthly fee.

These components are purchased in specialty stores. Further, the connection produces a master. You can also install a satellite TV with your own hands.

Satellite TV can be installed even in places where there is poor signal capture. For example, if you spend much time in the country, then you will not hurt or anything to connect it there. Also, this type of television works in Kazakhstan. Satellite services can be used even Siberia.

Place the satellite position and setting Tricolor TV

The satellite sends the signal plate with a height of 38,000 kilometers. Its signal resembles a thin searchlight beam, which, unfortunately, can not pass through walls, so if you choose to mount the antenna the wrong place, it can not be adjusted.

Prior to installation, calculate the exact location for the antennaPrior to installation, calculate the exact location for the antenna

To install the plates did not cause you problems, you should know that all the satellites are above the line of the equator. On this basis, it can be understood that the mirror of the plates should face south, so if your windows face north, it is better to put the antenna on the north. In this option, you should hold the wire convenient for you way. Only in this way, you can put the device, and to receive uninterrupted signal correctly.

In addition, you need to accurately determine the direction, it is necessary to calculate the diameter of the device. The best size for the plates, catching Tricolor TV signal is equal to 0, 6 meters. You can use the antenna and larger, but most of them will be problematic to install.

To qualitatively install a satellite dish, you need to select the correct fasteners to the bracket. Its installation is performed on the anchor bolts that will protect your device from vibrations. Otherwise, every gust of wind can leave you without a signal.

Independently connect to a TV Tricolor TV

Once you have identified the place where the antenna is installed, it is necessary to collect. For self-installation of such a device, the kit includes detailed assembly instruction. Also you can use our tips.

The installation kit has detailed instructions for assembly of the antennaThe installation kit has detailed instructions for assembly of the antenna

Build a satellite dish:

  1. With the help of anchor bolts on the wall or the roof mounted bracket. The size of the anchor bolts is chosen depending on the fortress walls and the strength of the prevailing winds.
  2. Next you need to put the converter into the holder. In this case the holder must look down, otherwise there will accumulate snow and rainwater, preventing catching signal.
  3. Next you need to connect the end of the cable and the converter F-connector. This is done as follows: trimmed cable outer insulation of 20 mm, and the inner 12, is placed parallel to the cable shielding braid and the foil, the maximum screw-jack and protruding more than 2 mm segments cut off.
  4. Tape attach the cable to the groove of the arc of the holder.
  5. Three layers of tape or a thermally insulating tube sealing the entire F-connector. You can use silicone sealant for better sealing.
  6. Next you need to connect the plate to the bracket. Used to fasten the bolts are not screwed to the end.
  7. Now you can secure the cable to the bracket, leaving a 1.5 meter cable.

If you are self-installing a satellite set, then be guided in choosing the place of installation angle and azimuth of the antenna at the data in the table, which is always present in the kit, for your city or town. According to the instructions the cable from the converter to the receiver, and then connect the device directly to your TV. Try to do the job properly, as reconfigure the device will be quite difficult.

Preparatory actions before configure Tricolor

Once you have established your own satellite dish and connect the receiver to your TV, you can start setting up the antenna. But before that you need to familiarize yourself with some of my peculiarities of this work.

Receivers satellite antenna looks no different from other similar devicesReceivers satellite antenna looks no different from other similar devices

If you care about the question: "Can I own to catch the signal," then you need to know that the satellite is moving at a speed of rotation of the earth, constantly being in the same place relative to your home. Due to this state of setting the power of satellite TV simple inhabitant.

If you want to configure the antenna without help, then it is advisable to buy a new device, called SatFinder. This set-top box to the antenna, and it informs the tuner about the correctness of his actions.

To configure the plates as soon as possible is important to know that the easiest way to find the correct position of the antenna is at noon. Also keep in mind that on a rainy and cloudy day clouds attenuate the signal, so in these days of carrying out of this work should be abandoned.

Setting up the receiver takes place via the search menu, where the quality indicators and signal strength. To find the signal is necessary to see the TV, or have a partner that will prompt you in which direction to move.

Instructions: how to set up your own antenna Tricolor

When you set up the antennas and made all other preparatory work can go directly to the search signal. Do not forget to make sure that your partner sees all the necessary indicators.

The company produces kits designed for the simultaneous connection of two TVsThe company produces kits designed for the simultaneous connection of two TVs

In what order you need to search for the signal:

  • Turn the mirror plate in the direction where the lunch is usually in the sun;
  • Next, set the tray to the upright position, lift the "head" of the most up and tighten the nut.
  • Twist plate and move gradually to 2 mm in the direction of the position of the sun lunch;
  • Moving these millimeters not forget to stop at each position for a few seconds in time to detect a signal;
  • Do not forget that you have to stand there, where you will not interfere with the passage of the signal to the dish.

If after you move the antenna to the position of the sun twelve, to its location in 14 hours, and you do not delete the restore signal, it is necessary to loosen the nuts and move the vertical plate down to 1 mm, and produce all the action again. If you are lost, you will have to repeat the entire setup process again.

When the screen displays the scale signal or picture quality tricolor TV can produce final setting. To do this, slowly move the mirror, the picture on the TV screen will tell in what direction. Perfectly tuned antenna should provide parameters for each of the scale 70%.

We understand how to customize channels Tricolor TV

To properly set up a satellite dish, you need to control it with the marks on the screen. To do this, you need to make some action with the TV and the receiver itself.

antenna configuration without special equipment is best done with an assistantantenna configuration without special equipment is best done with an assistant

How to enable a mark in the menu shows the signal strength:

  • Take the remote control receiver and press the «Menu»;
  • When the menu opens, scroll to "Setting" and click "OK";
  • Change the password, for example, in 0000;
  • Next, select "System Settings, and then click" OK ";
  • In the new menu select "Antenna Setup" and select it by pressing the "OK" button.

Then adjust the satellite antenna according to the instructions described above. In this case both the signal strength indicating scale must be filled to not less than 70%. If you are unable to properly expose the plate, then check the cable connections.

After you will make the connection, you can enjoy quality television. To your signal is lost for a long time, continually baste antenna with accumulated dirt, water and snow.

How to tune the antenna Tricolor TV yourself (video)

Installation of satellite television Tricolor TV - it's not such a difficult task, as may seem at first glance. You can adjust the dish by yourself without difficulty. The main carefully and accurately perform all our tips, and this work will take no more than 2.5 hours!