Bath must be qualitatively securedBath must be qualitatively zakreplenaNa the market today there are an incredible number of different kinds of legs and other supports for the bathroom, which differ in a number of different criteria and, in particular, at a cost. It should be noted that the fixing bath can be purchased not only as a strong support, but also to emphasize the aesthetics of design and comfort of the entire room. Manufacturers try to regularly produce various models of fasteners, so you can choose the products under a certain style and design solution bathroom.

Instructions: how to fix the bathroom, that it move not

To strengthen the bath on the floor or on the wall, you can apply a variety of ways.

Basically, it is used outdoor fixture.

It is more practical, and with him more than just work.

There are several ways by which you can fix bathThere are several ways by which you can fix bath

With regards to species, there may be several:

  1. The support structure may well be suitable to support the entire bathroom, including the weight of water retention and human. Such support - is not fragile foundations and robust products that can last for years and do not lose their technical characteristics.
  2. The auxiliary support is used to make a secondary support, if the primary is not enough. In some cases, minor support is needed to align the bathroom.
  3. Decorative pillar used to decorate the main legs and can not function as a solid foundation, construction foam is attached.

Decoration, it's just a creative decoration and more.

Practical mount acrylic bath to the wall

Secure acrylic bath design in various ways.

More often than not, choose it kind of installation on the wall:

  1. Inset into the niche. If you select this option, you need to carry out work at the time of decoration, because there is too much dust, dirt and debris. In other words, first prepared the niche of a metal frame and plasterboard, and then, carrying out the finishing work required to complete the repairs.
  2. Metal corner. Most commonly, acrylic bathroom trying to fix it to the structure of the metal angle. It is not necessary to buy, and it is possible to make with your own hands. The frame is installed along the wall on the side a bath, after which it is placed on this support.
  3. The most ideal way by which you can attach an acrylic bath - a montage of hooks, or choose custom brackets. As a rule, they are supplied with sanitary equipment, but, in the absence thereof, will have to buy separately. Initially, you need to put a bathroom in the place of its permanent location and level using a spirit level. Next is a departure from its corner 20 cm. Then the product is removed, is measured by the thickness of the bead is measured is the distance down from the previously set marks on the wall surface, and prepared holes for dowels. They screwed anchor bracket and the mounting of the bathroom. On the joint surface mounted skirting of ceramic or plastic.

Secure acrylic bath design, you can use wall mountingSecure acrylic bath design, you can use wall mounting

It should be noted that it is acceptable to make the sidebar and in the room, where there are already tiles, but in this case, have not customized sidebar under the bath, and the structure under conditions of the room.

All joints to be processed by special waterproof sealant.

There is a caveat. Frame every bath should be arranged not only on the surface of the wall, but also on the ground that there is no skew structure and deformation capacity for water treatment in the operation.

Are investigated as to fix the steel bath to not swayed

How to install a steel, iron or any other metal bath so as to not to shake?


  • Buy solid support;
  • Prepare the site for installation;
  • Select the desired set of tools.

It should be noted that the steel bath is not too heavy and it could stay in the legs, which are not made too high demands. It depends on the quality of posts and their life on the proper selection for sanitary equipment support.

To not swinging a steel bath, it is necessary to acquire a strong supportTo not swinging a steel bath, it is necessary to acquire a strong support

Typically, for steel bowls supports may vary on the external data and fixture type:

  1. Screw. They are installed on the bottom with the screws. According to resemble conventional rack of metal, and installation is due to a special screwing protrusion on the surface of the structure, or in other words, to the lugs. This method is considered to be tough and to conduct installation, need to exert much effort and be careful not to harm the enamel bath.
  2. Self-adhesive plate. Such legs are considered universal, and is carried to the fixing surface of the steel bath through a special adhesive layer disposed on a plate of metal, which are attached to the legs. In appearance they resemble the most usual bench. This method avoids the formation of scratches on the outer enamel layer of sanitary products, even if we carry out the installation yourself.
  3. Eyelets. In this case, the fixing legs performed using eyelets or, in other words, separate consoles, abutting against the projections or lugs are located on the bottom of the bath. After the installation is carried out by special lugs contraction pins.

The latter method is considered to be reliable, and will make a solid foundation, however, we need to be as careful not to a defect on the bottom of the tank for water treatments.

Experts recommend choose exactly screw mounting method of the steel bath in the legs, if the room is uneven floor. Thus, it is possible to align itself on the level of the bathroom.

Important! These legs may be used only with special tabs located on the bottom of the product. Screwing screws into the bottom strictly prohibited.

If the floor is leveled, it is relying on the self-adhesive plate suitable.

Choosing a bath fixture

Almost every artist working with sanitary equipment can provide a photo report about how he found a cast-iron or steel construction on feet. What if the installation is carried out with their own hands?

One of the variants of installation - fixing bath on a metal frameOne of the variants of installation - fixing bath on a metal frame

You just need to start from the fact of what made bathroom, and choose the appropriate means mounting feet:

  1. Hot cast iron should be on supports such that will not falter, especially when the tank is filled with water and there is a man. In addition, any mount equipped with special wedges or tightening bolts to increase rigidity.
  2. Steel Bathrooms hard enough fixed, as they are light, and in one motion can be moved to the desired position. In the case of such private, choose the method of installation of the walls that need to hold still at the stage of rough works and then make a tiled cladding.
  3. Acrylic Baths best stand on a metal frame, assembled by hand. So it is possible to avoid deformation of the product due to the poor quality of supports, and strengthen the structure.

Professional advice: How to fix the bathtub (video)

To understand how to set the bathroom on legs, it is necessary at the stage of the purchase of the plumbing to get acquainted with all the nuances, to acquire fully the entire set of required parts, and subsequently did not encounter difficulties or unpredictable moments, such as the discrepancy racks bath materials.