Clean the filter in the washing machine is not difficult, because it does not need to have special skillsClean the filter in the washing machine is not difficult, because it does not need to have special skills Almost every house there is a washing machine. Sooner or later there comes a time that it begins to function worse. In order to normalize the functioning of equipment, often only need to clean the filters, and better do it regularly. However, that where there is such a filter, washing machines, many owners do not know. In fact, in the washing machine of such filters are two: one stands for draining waste water, other filter cleans the water that comes into the car from falling debris. Sometimes the machines there is a third filter. Usually it is placed by the owners. This filter is designed to mitigate and additional water purification. We must now consider the question of just how to clean the filter.

Cleaning the washing machine filter

When used in the filter can accumulate the following types of waste: yarn, feathers, wool, fine garments. If cleaning is not performed on a regular basis, all these savings will lead to the fact that water can not pass through the hose and will flow out of the technology. For what it may lead, it is clear: the flooded neighbors, damaged the floor of his apartment, the risk of a short circuit, as well as damage to most of the washing machine.

The washing machine will last for many, it is necessary to clean the filter regularlyThe washing machine will last for many, it is necessary to clean the filter regularly

Clean the washing machine should ideally after each wash, but at least enough to clean after every two or three washings.

To access the filter, remove the special cover, it is there where the front panel of a washing machine. Find the very front cover with lids quite simple. The cover should be removed with little effort, you just hook it. On the washing machine can be more decorative strip, under which there is a filter that must be cleaned. Accordingly, this level should also pull out.

There may be situations when there is no filter in the washing machine. This happens in washing machines advantageously inexpensive domestic production. What to do with this version? Must be cleaned immediately sink itself, that is, in this case, with intervals every two to three wash clean the drain hose and machine connections. In order to have access to them, it will be necessary to remove the wall stiralki.

And before cleaning the filter, you must do the following:

  • Put under pump outlet cloth or a water tank;
  • Remove the lid on the filter;
  • The filter itself is unscrewed, but it should be carefully unscrewed, since the inside can be water;
  • After all the water will pour out, you can remove the filter, completely unscrewing it to start cleaning.

All of these actions - open the panel, unscrew the cap and clean the filter to get - do not cause trouble, but a filter can be screwed on, then there is a certain hesitation. You will need to unscrew the screw, and then finally to start filter cleaning. It is important in this case to act carefully so as not to strip the threads otherwise the filter will need replacing. Also, replacement may be needed if the filter did not manage to get it - most likely, he tightly held scum. Then he pulled out already with a snail, because it has no other choice but to change.

Recommendations: how to clean the filter in the washing machine

In most cases, you can clean the filter yourself. And the lid is easy to open, and everything is easy to be turned out, but still many manufacturers of washing machines, for example, Whirlpool, offer exchange service and Cleaning the filter, that is already specialists without any risk or guarantee will be engaged in cleaning, if the self-cleaning for whatever reason, is not possible.

Before you clean the filter, it is necessary to prepare some sort of containerBefore you clean the filter, it is necessary to prepare some sort of container

Also on many popular models such as Samsung, Indesit, Bosch, Atlanta, Ariston, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Electrolux, Candy has a corresponding instruction:

  • Ensure that no water or that the water is cooled after washing;
  • To disconnect the machine from the electrical power;
  • Open the bottom of the filter cover on the front panel;
  • Place a container for liquid;
  • Slowly turn the filter, make sure that all the water has flowed out;
  • Finally, unscrew the filter to get it;
  • Clean compartment, where there was a filter and clean the filter itself, remove trash stopper;
  • As the cleaning is finished, insert the filter again, screw it;
  • Pour into a drum of water, enough liters, make sure that water does not leak;
  • Close the lid, plug in the washing machine.

Cleaning the drain pump does not take much time, just remember that this cleaning is necessary, because if the filter is clogged, it will sooner or later not wait for problems to begin with, they will be in the absence of the normal supply of water, and then streaks under the machine.

Instructions: how to remove the filter on the washing machine Indesit

Filters Indesit typewriters look at the similarity of traffic jams. There are a couple of tips. To unscrew this same plug, it is necessary to take up the recess, which is present in these models, turn it to the twisting counterclockwise. If there is a bolt, it is necessary, taking a screwdriver to unscrew it. It is possible that you can not remove the cover while the machine is placed on its side and unscrew the filter from inside. On some models, the filler is present filter, for example, such as is used sometimes for washing machines Zanussi models.

Filter on the washing machine Indesit removed by unscrewingFilter on the washing machine Indesit removed by unscrewing

In this case, will have to act so:

  • Find filler filter around the water feeding valve after removing the water;
  • Unscrew the drain hose;
  • It will then see the net, it is removed by means of pliers;
  • That cleaning was quality, you can use an old toothbrush.

Washed and cleaned better under the pressure of the water.

Guide: how to clean the filter in the washing machine Samsung

In washing machines, Samsung signal for what you need to clean the filter, will have the following errors: 4E and 5E. Well, just like all machines, if there are no errors, but the water supply or drain are difficult, it is to think about the need to clean the filter.

To work must adhere to the following system:

  • First, cut off the water, followed by lads disconnect hose pump;
  • After disconnecting the hose will need a pair of pliers to remove the grid, wash it with water;
  • Clean the tubes and the filter;
  • Cleaned parts set back, attach the hose again.

Before you clean the filter in the washing machine, it is necessary to familiarize with the recommendations of the expertsBefore you clean the filter in the washing machine, it is necessary to familiarize with the recommendations of the experts

It must be remembered that of the washing machine, in addition to cleaning the filter, you have to worry all the time, meaning that the scum and hard water can damage the inside. For example, a fairly common way to eliminate pollution in the drain pump - is the use of citric acid. The machine runs on a long cycle high temperature. It is also possible and even necessary to use special means for water softening.

Tips: how to clean the filter in the Bosch washing machine

In washing machines Bosch error that need to clean the filters, it looks like F18.

The cleaning process is generally not different from the cleaning process in other machines:

  • First, make sure that the machine is unplugged from the mains;
  • If the machine is switched off and the current problems should not arise, it is necessary to proceed with the opening of the front panel, fastened with snap fasteners;
  • Once everything is open, you need to find the door of the pump;
  • Before opening the door, it is necessary to prepare a liquid container, which is sure to pour out;
  • Then unscrew the filter itself and clean;
  • How to finish cleaning the filter should be cleaned drain pump.
  • When cleaning is complete all the details are set back.

Cleaning the washing machine Samsung Filter (video)

If you currently do not have confidence, then it's better to contact the store to experts. At present, all self-respecting company ready to go to a meeting and helping customers. It should be borne in mind that in general the difficulties in cleaning the filter should arise, but such cleaning machine, taking care of home appliances, will be rewarded by the fact that it will last more than one year without a break, delighting users.

Examples of the washing machine filter (photo)

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