If not spinning drum of a washing machine, it is necessary to check availability in current outletIf the washer is not spinning drum, you should check for the current in the socket now it is hardly possible to meet the person who will be able to refuse such household appliances as washing machine. This product helps to wash clothes of any kind, and even to clean garments and blankets. It should be noted that when using the washing machine, you may experience various problems, and more often than not spinning drum. What to do in such a situation, what reasons have faults, and why does not rotate the drum? To find the answers to all these questions, you should pay attention to the information below.

Reason: When the washing machine is not spinning the reels

If you do not work the drum to wash laundry, it is necessary to pay attention to the units, which are responsible for torque. These include electrical parts, electronic control module type, bearing units, drive motor, drum.

When you break the washing machine should inspect it for any visible damageWhen you break the washing machine should inspect it for any visible damage

Originally worth investigating with a view to what is going on during a malfunction, as it can be when:

  • Main wash;
  • When the spin cycle;
  • At startup.

Do you need to diagnose and such parameters exactly how a blockage occurs the system, for example, partially or fully, and whether to conduct manual rotation is possible.

It is advisable to first check the machine for the laundry machine on whether the drum rotates as a whole, which held its loading laundry.

Maximum load capacity is indicated in any instruction manual. If it is exceeded, it should work to block the sensor, which is equipped with many models. Blocking accompanied signal. To check the serviceability you need to unload the drum and run the equipment again.

Breakdown: why does not rotate the drum of a washing machine

If the rotation is held tight and go crazy drum, the first two reasons, which are checked by experienced masters - is the presence of a foreign object and bearing failure. There are 2 main reasons that can not spin the drum, and it can be quite stiralka any brand.

For example:

  • Indesit;
  • Samsung;
  • Bosch;
  • Ariston;
  • Eyelid and the like.

The drum of the washing machine can not be cool if blown motorThe drum of the washing machine can not be cool if blown motor

If inside stiralki stuck object such as a coin, or the buttons of bone from the top of a set of underwear for ladies, it will brake drum work. To extract the object, it is necessary to hold the release hole, wherein the heater is located. This will require the presence of a wrench and pliers. Cleared rear panel device, there is a central stud and be released due to loosening pair of nuts holding the ground.

Once the heater is removed, it is necessary to test the hands of the cavity in order to identify the coins and other items. Once the cause, you can collect the equipment has been detected and eliminated.

If frayed or broken bearing, it will not be easy drum braking, and he simply does not revolve (motor pull). Even if you start to turn it manually, at the slightest turn of 1 cm, it will return to the starting point. In most cases, this occurs with old style washing machines or those products which are used very frequently, for example, 2-4 times a day. Carry out the removal of such a failure can not be their own hands, and then there are those models in which the bearing replacement is only possible with a complete change of the drum, as they are one with the manufacturer.

Because of the wear of the belt does not rotate the drum of a washing machine Indesit

The belt comes off partially, and may be such that it fell off completely up to the full impulse. As already noted, the repair may require all washing machines, and wear a belt at all happens very often, even the famous brand products.


  • zanussi;
  • samsung;
  • ardo;
  • bosch;
  • Maxx.

Belt for the washing machine can be purchased at any specialized shopBelt for the washing machine can be purchased at any specialized shop

Eliminating this breakdown is carried out by means of analysis of the washing machine body. For this purpose the cover is removed the device due to loosening fixing screws. After that, you need to find a place in which jammed the drum, which will also be present belt failure.

If he just hangs since jumped from the pulley, then you need to put it back, after which the unit will be returned to work.

If it is weakened, it is required to pull it, scroll through the pulley, and then put on the belt and pulley on the engine. After that the belt alignment, inspection and scrolling pulley. Once the problem is resolved, the case is going to its original state.

The capacitor is guilty, if not spinning drum of a washing machine Samsung

Experts strongly advise not to carry out a full drum laundry load, as this may be the main or even the main cause of breakdowns. The most optimal when using the washing machine - is to follow the recommendations from the manufacturer, do not fill the tank up to the maximum, to give a break between the washing machine washing.

There are several ways to repair the device.

  • Reset settings;
  • To flash or replace the central part of the control module;
  • To purchase new equipment.

No experience quite difficult to fix the capacitorNo experience quite difficult to fix the capacitor

It is quite possible that works poorly or does not turn on the drum because of the failure of the capacitor S821. This part having a cylindrical shape, located beside the engine. If it is defective, it will not operate the motor system and the drum itself directly.

In that case requires recourse to the specialist and replacing capacitor.

If the machine stopped working because of a fault in a software module that can only fix it by using the wizard. In other words, to eliminate damage to the electronics, it can only be experienced electrician specializes in stiralka.

How to fix if tight spinning drum of a washing machine

When buying a washing machine, many rush to make sure that the model they have chosen is not buzzing, does not click and do not emit any noise. It is worth noting that there must be at least minimal noise in any stiralki.

It should be heard as:

  • Rotates each mechanical unit;
  • Poured water;
  • It includes a drive mechanism and not only that.

Each model is supplied with special shock absorbers, seals and lubricants that reduce the level of noise emitted to a minimum, however, it will still be present. The optimal level of noise is considered to be 50-70 dB. It is worth noting that the machine, which is installed direct drive, noise is much smaller than those in which there is a belt drive.

If you do not have experience in the repair of washing machines, it is necessary to seek professional helpIf you do not have experience in the repair of washing machines, it is necessary to seek professional help

If stiralka too much noise, loud noise in the form of strikes, while the drum is spinning too tight, then there are a few excuses. The sharp noise occurrence should be alerted, as the problem may lie in the bearings, and in their failure, and if time does not solve the problem, then the problem will be more serious.

If over time the drum began to tighten as you scroll even with his hands, then this defect allows infrequent and of short-term operation, but it is desirable to carry out emergency repairs, the cause of which may be a fault in the control module or even the engine itself.

If the machine began to knock immediately after purchase and when it too hard jerks on the spin cycle, it is necessary to examine the manual to familiarize yourself with recommendations on the operation and how to be prepared to use the equipment. In some cases, you may need the installation of a special stand or gums to reduce vibration, and in addition, be sure to delete the shipping bolts that hold the drum in the same position.

Why does not turn the washing machine drum: cause (video)

Understand that the machine is broken, you can simply by the fact that she was very unsteady and moves during the spin cycle, and even rinse. Fix the problem and you can independently and with the help of the master, but we must remember to be careful. It is desirable that every time you connect the equipment to the operating device to stay in for a couple of minutes to make sure there are no foreign sounds. Competent and personal approach to the operation will keep the equipment in good order and repair.