Application of paper can make even a small childApplication of paper can make even a small child now in all schools in the labor lessons and extra-curricular activities are very popular such creativity as the creation of applications from colored paper. Doing it mostly children in elementary school, they carved a variety of crafts made of paper and cardboard, draw pictures and three-dimensional toys on the Christmas tree.

Colorful appliques made of paper for children: patterns and ideas

Applique - hard work, which develops thinking, perseverance, and instills a love of children to all kinds of crafts. Working on the applique, the child learns to handle scissors, glue and paper exploring geometric shapes.

The simplest crafts child 3 years old can do together with their parents. For the little ones used machinery breakage applications. It can be created without the help of scissors. The child tears off small pieces of paper, adhesive plasters and paste on a tight piece of cardboard, creating a certain pattern.

Application of paper may vary in shape, color and sizeApplication of paper may vary in shape, color and size

The older the child becomes, the more he developed spatial thinking, and you can teach him to perform three-dimensional crafts. For this paper folded like an accordion, is bonded with adhesive, and then forming a specific object and adhered to a sheet of cardboard.

A more complex view of a paper quilling is a skill that involves twisting thin strips of paper. To create a picture rolled rolls are glued on cardboard or connected to each other.

Easy and interesting application of toilet paper like your kid to preschool. For its creation, need a circuit-pattern toilet paper or paper napkins white, glue and a bright piece of cardboard.

Elephant toilet paper step by step:

  1. Cardboard pencil to draw an elephant's body fit the mold.
  2. Tear off a small piece of paper, roll into a ball, spread the glue and glue on the trunk elephant. So fill in the whole picture.
  3. Of white paper cut trunk, head and legs. Glue them into place.
  4. The eyes can be drawn, can be made of pieces of black paper.

Get the original volume picture, which can be supplemented at its discretion - a tree or grass.

Simple applications of cardboard for children 3-5 years

If you have nothing better to do on a rainy day, try to instill in your child a love of needlework. Start with the simplest of applications, for example, such as a kitten. But be prepared that all the details you have to cut, glue and let the kid.

Before creating the application of the cardboard should draw it in pencil sketch on paperBefore creating the application of the cardboard should draw it in pencil sketch on paper

One of the simplest applications of cardboard cutout considered card. You can make a greeting card on March 8 and the New Year. Moms and dads will remember the lesson of work at school, and the kids will be interested in working together with parents.

The technology works on the postcard is very simple:

  1. You will need a piece of cardboard set of colored paper.
  2. Cardboard folded in half.
  3. Determined with a pattern, cut out the necessary details. For example, for a snowman -. Slices of white or blue for the flower - oval petals.
  4. Parents show a child with glue applies for the blank card.

In addition to conventional applications, cardboard can be doing different funny figures

How to take a child: application of paper for 1 class with templates

Catching up with the child to the school, parents need to teach your child to handle the paper. Children in kindergarten are trying to do simple crafts. Preschoolers are working with more complex applications - they can do a little painting.

In today's stores you can find self-adhesive applications, which can be pasted on a notebook or decorate a locker at school.

In the 1st class kids in the labor class to create applications using simple geometric shapes - square, circle, oval, triangle. If the baby does not know how to work with a ruler, you can use stencils. Children cut out the template figures and paste them on cardboard.

Template for making applications you can buy in the store for needlework or downloaded from the InternetTemplate for making applications you can buy in the store for needlework or downloaded from the Internet

First-graders can make easy application:

  • Animals - dog, cat, squirrel, zebra and mouse;
  • Birds - owl, swallow, chicken;
  • Tale - bun, a mermaid, a hut;
  • Nature - the sun, cloud, tree.

All these applications will be made up of simple elements, the head - a circle, ears - a triangle. With conventional PVAc they are attached to the base and simple turns the muzzle of the animal or bird.

How to make a black and yellow bee:

  1. Of yellow and black paper cut to 2 cm diameter circle 4.
  2. Red paper cut two of the same wing in the shape of a heart, from yellow - two wings a little smaller.
  3. Their black paper to make a mustache-stripes.
  4. On blue cardboard lay alternately black-yellow-black-yellow circles.
  5. The latter put yellow bee antennae.
  6. On the sides of the wings accommodate larger, then they stick the smaller wings.
  7. The eyes can be drawn, and can be cut from green paper.
  8. All parts are glued to the cardboard - the bee is ready!

Develop thinking: application of the paper for 2 class with templates

Learn how to do basic crafts out of paper and cardboard, having become acquainted with the technique of creating the simplest applications, the children begin to explore new creativity - volume applications. Having mastered the skills, children will be able to make beautiful cards mothers and grandmothers on March 8, the Pope - Crafts on February 23 or birthday.

When you select a template application for your child to consider his abilityWhen you select a template application for your child to consider his ability

To create an application "Flowers in a Vase" is required:

  • paperboard sheet;
  • Colored paper - white, yellow, green, blue;
  • Glue stick;
  • Pencil;
  • Scissors.

Preparing the materials and tools you can begin to needlework.

Master-class on making application to the postcard March 8:

  1. Make preform for applications -. Two squares of 5x5 cm white paper, yellow circle 4 cm in diameter for Bouquet 5 daffodils must cut the pattern of 10 squares and circles 5.
  2. Simple pencil to draw a strip dividing the square in half - horizontally and vertically.
  3. On each side of a square make incisions along the lines before reaching the middle of about 0.5 cm. There should turn a square divided into four quadrilateral.
  4. Each square is necessary to tighten up - put a pencil on a diagonal square corners and wrap it.
  5. Similarly, to make all 10 large squares.
  6. 5 to produce a pattern of yellow circles - the basis for the midway flower. To wind folded circle on the handle, remove and seal glue.
  7. To get a flower, you need to fold together the two petals and blank insert cores of yellow. If done correctly, you get a beautiful daffodil petals 8.
  8. Of the green paper cut into thin strips - the future of the flower leaves. A little bend along, attach form.
  9. According to a pre-arranged pattern need to cut vase. It can be done in blue. Decorate a vase can be an arbitrary ornament, cut paper lighter color.
  10. On board sheet A4 vase first glued, so that its bottom coinciding with the bottom of the paper. Application placed vertically.
  11. Then stick the leaves of daffodils in a chaotic manner, and then you can proceed to the formation of the bouquet. Flowers glued so that they were in the middle of all applications.

Sizing all of the necessary good to dry after they held firmly. The finished picture can decorate edging of small figurines or beads.

Volume application for Class 3 with templates

third grade students under the power to do more complicated and time-consuming work in the technique of quilling crafts or interesting volume. Teachers often wonder what kind of work with paper to come up with the children, so they were interested.

With volume applications can decorate a child's roomWith volume applications can decorate a child's room

In 3rd grade girls still play dolls, so it will be interesting to make a three-dimensional furniture dollhouse. The boys can make a plane, racing cars. The site Country artists can find a sample volume of paper crafts for every taste - templates for origami, quilling scheme. Schemes and patterns can be printed out and execute them with the children in class or give the job to the house.

If you run out of ideas, you can always ask the kids what they want to do in the classroom.

Children's applications quilling technique is very popular among students. This is not only a unique gift, but also a beautiful decoration.

How to make applications of paper for children (video)

Application of paper - an excellent opportunity to take the children for a certain time. In this kind of art can be engaged and very young children - ages 3 and primary school pupils. Armed with imagination and a set for needlework, kids can create unimaginable pictures and impress their loved ones for their achievements.

Detail: appliques made of paper (photo examples)